MEDIDOL All Brief Details.

 MEDIDOL Generic Name – Aceclofenac 

Form of dosage - TAB 

Medicine Strength - 100MG


Manufacturer Company  - MEDISTREAM
Country of Manufacturing - India 
Medicine Market
Medicine Packing
Medicine Price For Public
Currency of drug Price
Drug Importer -
Legal Availability for public – By prescription. Medicine Contents
licencing Status
MCI and FDA approved

Aceclofenac MEDIDOL Generic, Brand and Trade Name.

Generic Name.

Approved Universal name by FDA (Generic Name) for the drug MEDIDOL is
Aceclofenac  the name is the universal name of the Brand MEDIDOL Manufactured by MEDISTREAM, India – Made in India.

Brand Name or Trade Name.

The BRAND NAME for the generic drug Aceclofenac in the dosage form TAB and strength 100MG is

Dosage and Route of Administration – Aceclofenac – MEDIDOL.

Exact Dosage ( how much MEDIDOL patient have to take.), Dosage form (Form of Aceclofenac Medicine.) and route of administration (How Aceclofenac have to be administered).

Dosage and Dosage form.

Exact dosage of MEDIDOL – Aceclofenac TAB is prescribed by the Physician Depending upon age, weight, gender and kind of disease etc.
However the dosage form (State of Aceclofenac in the MEDIDOL Dosage) of MEDIDOL is TAB which should not be altered.

Route of Administration

The medicine MEDIDOL must be given to the patient as physician specify.

Dosage detail MEDIDOL

Dosage of 100MG MEDIDOL – Aceclofenac TAB is of the volume or size 10.
The clinical dosage is specified by the physician.

Buy or Import MEDIDOL, Aceclofenac – Price


THE Aceclofenac under the brand name MEDIDOL can be Bought from MEDISTREAM or ordered from MEDISTREAM, India.
In India MEDIDOL medicine is imported by MEDISTREAM.
MEDIDOL Is manufactured or Made in India.

Market price in India

Govt. Decides Market Price for 10 is N.I.INR.
This Price is Govt. of India decided price for the MEDIDOL and it may  varies.

Do we need prescription for MEDIDOL ?

MEDIDOL is a valid legal drug and is legally available by Prescription.
MEDIDOL is controlled product.

MEDIDOL Expiry Period.

Aceclofenac – MEDIDOL Expiry period is the time period after which MEDIDOL is not medically usable or expired.
The exact expiry period after manufacturing is 48 months. After 48 months MEDIDOL is medically not usable.
To keep Aceclofenac – MEDIDOL in best condition always 25 celcius.

Drug Interactions and Side effects – Aceclofenac MEDIDOL

MEDIDOL may interact with some other drug or may have side effects.
Side effects and drug interaction caused by MEDIDOL on different organs can be calculated using ATC CODE.

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